As we come to the close of another calendar year, we face major changes in several areas of life. Hitherto, it has been possible for many Anabaptists to ignore such changes and move on in life without responding to the issues at hand. Such is no longer possible.

The “quiet in the land” must speak by life and word about (1) Bible doctrine issues before Anabaptist churches presently, (2) changing cultural issues that threaten the life and future of our homes, and (3) sidelining of the centrality of the local church in God’s program for today.

Doctrinally speaking, the very most basic understanding of salvation is at stake. Some of our most conservative-appearing brethren are experimenting with a teaching of salvation that nearly eliminates individual responsibility. This is compatible with many anti-biblical counseling approaches wherein blame shifting is practiced. Circumstances, other people, or demons are blamed instead of the true cause.

The culture around us is rapidly becoming not only post-Christian but also anti-Christian. This means that the days of severe persecution are about to return. Our assumed basic American rights will most likely evaporate.

The North American Anabaptist churches are for the most part fat, comfortable, and ineffective because our people want it so. The priority of active sacrificial church membership is a distant memory in many cases. During the coming year, Lord willing, we will be addressing these issues in the pages of the Sword and Trumpet.

Written by: Paul Emerson

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